Monday, 19 October 2015

One step away for Customer Satisfaction with Roctik

When the end customer is using your website and mobile app to get the services you are offering, why not for ticketing? How endearing would it be if your customer gets all the features of customer support in your system or software itself. You will be leaving a great experience to your customer. 

Enhance your system features and end to end experience of your customer by adding Roctik ticketing customer support system. You can get your ticketing system up and running in minutes with roctik embeddable. 

You need not be tech savvy, or a programmer to get roctik ticketing system into your system. Any novice user will be able to embed this with no struggle.

Happy Customers, Happy You. Happy Ticketing System for you at Evaya desk - integrable and embeddable saas solutions

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