Monday, 19 October 2015

Dissatisfied Customer and how to steer

Never React to customer

Do not disagree with the customer or react to their feedback or behavior. Empathize and confirm with the customer. Do not give your personal opinion. Understand their problem from their point of view. Ask yourself once what would you do if you are there in their situation.

Act Swiftly in the matter

Take action immediately, do not desert the dissatisfied customer. Make quick analysis and find the solution as early as possible. In the mean time have the customer contact and keep them posted with the progress, let the customer visualize that you are working on the matter. Do not even let the customer think of taking this into social media.

Respond to customer

Listen to the customer and respond with regard. Have stipulated time for the closure of issue. Escalate the matter to higher authorities in your organizations, and let the big shots of your company respond to them as time progresses. Evaluate customers expectations, needs and respond.

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