Monday, 19 October 2015

Ticketing Software in Mobile, 2 reasons why it is very important

When Customers are using your mobile app for purchasing, Should they have to log into another system to log an issue?. If we are expecting customer to do that, then, we are lagging behind in customer service. 

Customer should get an option in the same app to log issues as well. World is changing fast, and we need to accommodate those changes, that fast. Get Mobile integrable SDK of evayadesk and integrate with your existing app. Two main reasons why you need to have ticketing software app.

Maximum number of sales are happening through mobile Apps

  • Mobile App downloads are more than desktop clicks.
  • More businesses are coming with mobile apps.
  • Sales of smartphones are more than desktops.
  • Many B2C Businesses success is measured in number of App installs.

Easy for customer

  • Easy to Operate.
  • Always available.
  • No need to charge, restart/open laptop, login – They are very handy.
  • User Friendly.

Happy Customers, Happy You. Happy Ticketing System for you at Evaya desk - integrable saas solutions

Dissatisfied Customer and how to steer

Never React to customer

Do not disagree with the customer or react to their feedback or behavior. Empathize and confirm with the customer. Do not give your personal opinion. Understand their problem from their point of view. Ask yourself once what would you do if you are there in their situation.

Act Swiftly in the matter

Take action immediately, do not desert the dissatisfied customer. Make quick analysis and find the solution as early as possible. In the mean time have the customer contact and keep them posted with the progress, let the customer visualize that you are working on the matter. Do not even let the customer think of taking this into social media.

Respond to customer

Listen to the customer and respond with regard. Have stipulated time for the closure of issue. Escalate the matter to higher authorities in your organizations, and let the big shots of your company respond to them as time progresses. Evaluate customers expectations, needs and respond.

Happy Customers, Happy You. Happy Ticketing System for you at Evaya desk - integrable saas solutions

Plenty of reasons to choose evaya desk

Customer Likes it because it is

  • Easy to use.
  • User friendly UI.
  • Unambiguous features.
  • Receive immediate responses.

Agent Likes it because

  • All of them can get logins.
  • All get to track the issues.
  • Respond to customers from any where.
  • Access the information from any device.
  • Email notifications.
  • Simple and smooth workflows.
  • Get reports from anywhere and anytime.

Businesses and Business heads Like it because it is

  • Budget friendly.
  • Unlimited agents.
  • Easy to no Integration(Save Time and Money).
  • All employees have the information handy.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced response time.
  • Get the reports instantly.

Happy Customers, Happy You. Happy Ticketing System for you at Evaya desk - integrable saas solutions

Why having unlimited agents in your ticketing system will help your startup

As a startup, you may have relatively less number of employees than an already established business house. Every existing member will be playing multiple roles in your startup. It is very important to have the knowledge of the full business life cycle including the customer support for each of your employee.

Few advantages of having a ticketing system with unlimited agents can be,

  • Every member in the team can have an account as an agent without having to think that you have to pay for each agent.
  • Designers, developers, testers, customer support agents all will get access to the ticketing system and enrich their knowledge.
  • Everyone in the team can collaborate to resolve the customer issues.
  • With in the team, each one is enabled and will be functional to the fullest.
  • Customers are very much delighted as they get the best solution possible with quick turn around time.
  • As a business house you will save a whole lot of money.

Happy Customers, Happy You. Happy Ticketing System for you at Evaya desk - integrable saas solutions

Why having a customer support ticketing system is important

Irrespective of the size of the business you have whether large, medium or small. Irrespective of the type of business you hold like manufacturing, supply chain, distribution, delivery, logistics, real estate, hospitality, apps, b2c portals, b2b, consumer goods, services, aggregators etc., one important thing we should never forget is the customer service. Customers are your business partners, it can be before/after the sale or service. Ticketing system plays a great role here. 

Here are few benefits of having a ticketing system in place.

It helps creating a rich association between you and your customer

  • You are creating a climate of letting them know that, you are there to listen to them, always for a better service.
  • Customer satisfaction levels raise and customer loyalty increases.
  • Getting advantage over the competitor and improving the market position.
  • Sense of trust is increased, as you are reachable in a click away.

It will create a huge market place

  • Because of the effective and methodic way you interact with your customers, Loyalty of the customer increases.
  • As customer loyalty increases number of customers attracted by word-of-mouth increases.
  • Your marketing costs are reduced since your loyal customer will visit frequently.
  • By listening to customers, you can find out what else they need and can increase your wings, which can lead to a new product.
  • This can be the differentiating factor between you and your competitors.

customer service is very important to the health of your business. It can take very little effort as much as 2 minutes and 4.99$/month to integrate an effective saas ticketing system with your system, but the benefits it brings with that are priceless.

Happy Customers, Happy You. Happy Ticketing System for you at Evaya desk - integrable saas solutions

2 Tips for great Customer Satisfaction

Promise Optimum and deliver further

Build value by providing solution to the problem

Promise Optimum and deliver further

  • Do not promise less, customers are intelligent they may not turn out.
  • Promise the optimum, value for money should be shown to customer.
  • Deliver little beyond than promised, it can be a product or service or time, which will please customer.
  • See that it is not disproportionate.

Build value by providing solution to customers problem

  • Predict if there can be any problem or risk for the Customer.
  • Be prepared with a solution and have it handy.
  • Convey that you are meant to resolve problems faced by customer.
  • Solve the problem with in stipulated time.

Happy Customers, Happy You. Happy Ticketing System for you at Evaya desk - integrable saas solutions

2 Tips to be a successful support agent

Analyze and acquire knowledge

  • Investigate, Understand and Analyze the customer issue.
  • Have pros and cons, solutions handy.
  • Have two solutions before solving a problem, choose the better one.

Be Empathetic to Customer

  • Listen to customer.
  • Get Involved while solving the problem.
  • Update customer at every stage.
  • Thank the customer for letting the issue know and getting the system better.

Happy Customers, Happy You. Happy Ticketing System for you at Evaya desk - integrable saas solutions

Unlimited Agents Ticketing System

Have you heard of a ticketing system which offers unlimited users or agents and you pay only for tickets? Not until now right? 
This is what exactly Evaya desk offers you. 
Why pay per agent or user when you have an excellent choice? 
Whether you are small, medium or big business having limited or numerous support staff, evaya desk is an advantage for you.

Enrich your system or software with embeddable or integrable ticketing system of evaya desk.

Advantages of Ticketing System offering Unlimited Agents, support staff or user

  • Unlimited reach to your customers.
  • Unlimited support to your customers.
  • Unlimited customer satisfaction.
  • Save more and Get more
    • Save your money, save your time, save your effort.
    • Get customer satisfaction, get employee/agent satisfaction and get satisfied.

Happy Customers, Happy You. Happy Ticketing System for you at Evaya desk - integrable saas solutions

One step away for Customer Satisfaction with Roctik

When the end customer is using your website and mobile app to get the services you are offering, why not for ticketing? How endearing would it be if your customer gets all the features of customer support in your system or software itself. You will be leaving a great experience to your customer. 

Enhance your system features and end to end experience of your customer by adding Roctik ticketing customer support system. You can get your ticketing system up and running in minutes with roctik embeddable. 

You need not be tech savvy, or a programmer to get roctik ticketing system into your system. Any novice user will be able to embed this with no struggle.

Happy Customers, Happy You. Happy Ticketing System for you at Evaya desk - integrable and embeddable saas solutions

2 Tips to select SaaS support ticketing system

2 Tips to select SaaS support ticketing system

A Satisfied customer is all you need for your business whether it is small, medium or large. Effective Complaint Redressal is very important for businesses. It could be a costly affair if complaints are not addressed. It just takes few seconds for a customer to switch over to competetors. The means of satisfying your customer is by knowing what they need and actualizing. 
While choosing CRM ticketing here are the 2 tips to look for,

Easily Integrable Ticketing System

What we are paying to get what

Easily Integrable Ticketing System

  • Observe whether Ticketing System is directly accessible from your system, or is it a different system. Select a system which is integrable to your system and be part of your system.
  • Consider many types of integration.
    • Integration to your web system.
    • Integration with your mobile app.
    • Integration with your APIs.
  • Save time and effort by not opting for a support ticketing with elaborate integrations.
  • End customer should land in your system and not to some one else's web page for logging an issue. To get all services, they land into your web page so is for their issues and their resolutions as well.

What we are paying to get what

  • Make no investment in terms of time, effort and money by reinventing the wheel.
  • Ensure that you are paying only for the features you use and not for all other ornamental features.
  • Are you at your advantage?, Check if you have more agents or tickets and what you are paying for.
  • SaaS is pay as you use, so as it should be for the features as well.
    • Pay for what you use, check if you are really paying for the features you are using? Few features may look attractive, but may not be used by the customers but you may end up paying for them all.

Happy Customers, Happy You. Happy Ticketing System for you at Evaya desk - integrable saas solutions

Why should you use Evayadesk : Ticket Management Simplified

Easy Integration

If you are looking for Help Desk software that is quick to set up, very easy to use, and comes with an easy integration, Evayadesk is a great choice.

Simple Ticketing System

You do not need heavy features or customizations from your support ticketing system and just want your system to be up and running in minutes, then Evayadesk is the rigth ticketing system. 
Evayadesk is very simple in understanding, feels pleasing. Any novice user will be able to use this with out any struggle. You do not need to be good technically, need not be a tech savvy, to integrate evayadesk with your system. You can just signup and start using this.

Appealing Usability, easy work flow

You should be selecting evayadesk because it has very simplified usability to the user with the simple work flows like creating, assigning, tracking tickets. Ofcourse you can prioritize and categorize tickets. Get real time reports on tickets. And Admins anyway will have features like maintaing the support staff.

Unlimited Agents

The good thing about Evaya desk is that, it comes with unique ticket based pricing and one can have unlimited agents. Prices are very competitive, It starts at just $4.99 per 500 tickets and unlimited agents which makes this unbeatable. 99% of the Help Desk softwares in the market limit the agents. This may be ideal if you have many customer service agents for your small business.

Nice Customer Experience

Customer experience is the main aspect which will differentiate one service from the other, Evayadesk gives very very good customer experience, since the system is made to look very simple and ease of use to end customer. Heavy or too many features might create confusion to end user. Evayadesk has the ability to offer required features in simple manner making memorable experience to the customer.

Cloud Based

This being a hosted service, does not require any installation, you will not be bothering about ticketing data. You just sign-up and start using it. With in minutes integrations will be completed. Then it all looks as though it is your system, it just gets immersed into your system. This is the greatest part of evayadesk. 
Finally with ease of use, uninterrupted availability and great customer experience your customers are happy. You can celebrate being happy with many reasons as your customers are happy, easy to integrate, hassle free maintenance, availability.

Happy Customers, Happy You. Happy Ticketing System for you at Evaya desk - integrable saas solutions